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How do I know if my Will needs Updating?

17 February 2023

Think about the biggest life change you’ve had in the past year. The past five years? Now think about what’s ahead in the next five.

You’ve probably got at least one major event that either just happened or is about to happen. Maybe you’ve celebrated the birth of your first child or grandchild. Maybe you’ve moved overseas.  Maybe you’ve retired from a long career or just started one. Maybe you had to move unexpectedly.  

The point is, life changes. And that means your end of life plans have to change too. Take entry into marriage for example. 

If your wedding is on the horizon and you currently have a Will, your Will is valid up until the date of your marriage. After you get married your Will is automatically invalidated. To ensure your Will remains valid after your marriage it needs a specific clause added to ensure it will remain in force after the date of your marriage.

The consequence of not having a valid Will at the date of your death is that you will have died intestate. This means that your estate will be distributed in accordance with the law, rather than your personal wishes.

Harris Tate can advise and assist you with reviewing and/or updating your Wills. 

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