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Is it a Loan or Gift?

16 May 2022

We are often asked to give advice in respect of loan and security agreements that were not documented at the time that money was advanced.

While unwritten arrangements are common between “friendly” parties such as family members, or a company and its directors, matters can be confused over time by factors such as changes in the relationship between the lender and the borrower or the death of party.

Failing to document a loan agreement can have significant consequences as a party may be unable to prove that a debt is owed, or the terms on which the debt is to be repaid.
If you or someone you know are party to an unwritten loan agreement – or if you or someone you know are considering entering into a loan or security arrangement – we can assist by providing specialist advice in respect of your rights and by preparing simple, cost-effective documentation to evidence the terms of the loan and any security.

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