Harris Tate has long been a name synonymous with providing top quality legal service in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

For more than Forty years we have been acting on behalf of business owners and their families who have turned to us for legal advice. It is this quality legal advice delivered in an exceptional way that sets us apart from the rest.

Our established, and experienced team, are highly regarded in their respective fields, helping underpin Harris Tate’s sound reputation in the legal sector.

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Notary Public

Harris Tate provides an experienced, prompt and efficient Notary Public service.

Some things to note about the Harris Tate Notary service:

  • Harris Tate has 2 Notaries available, appointments are available most days.

  • Harris Tate will endeavour to arrange short notice appointments if at all possible for urgent matters.

  • While Harris Tate prefers to have appointments at its Brown Street offices, we can make arrangements to come to you at your home, office, retirement village or other premises if that is necessary.  A charge in addition to the Notary fee will be made to cover travel costs and the additional time involved for out of office appointments.

  • The Harris Tate Notary fee depends on the size and complexity of the documents that you require to be Notarised.

  • There is a minimum basic charge of $130 (plus GST) for a 1 page document requiring 1 Notary seal, Notary certificate and signature.  Additional pages, seals, certificates and signatures incur further charges.

  • When you call for an appointment Harris Tate can give you an estimate of the cost for your document if you provide a copy of the relevant documentation or an explanation of what it is and the service you require.  The Notary, after having seen the document when you bring it in, will either confirm that estimate in or explain why the estimate needs to be amended.

  • All Notary fees must be paid at the time of the appointment.  EFTPOS and Credit card facilities are available.  Harris Tate does not accept payment by cheque.

  • When you come in for your appointment you must bring with you:

  1. The documents you need Notarising;

  2. Your passport or other Government issued photo ID;

  3. The originals of any document that you need copies certified as true copies;

  4. Any instructions you have been given about the form and nature of the Notarising; and

  5. If you need to sign any documents. DO NOT sign them before you attend at our office.
    The Notary must see you sign them.

You should also note:

Harris Tate does not give legal advice to Notary customers about the nature or content of the documents that you bring in to be Notarised. If you require that advice you must obtain it from the source or recipient of the documents being Notarised (as applicable).

If the document to be Notarised is not in English, Harris Tate has no responsibility to provide any translation. Harris Tate may however refuse to Notarise the documents if the person signing them does not appear to the Notary to have a reasonable understanding of the language the documents are written in.

Harris Tate reserves the right, before Notarising any document, to check with the issuer of that document that the issuer did in fact issue the document.

Harris Tate reserves the right to refuse to Notarise any document without giving any reason for that refusal.


Grant Harris

Grant Harris

Law is in the blood when it comes to the Harris family with Grant following in his father Ross’s footsteps. Born and bred in Tauranga, after...

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Managing Director and Notary Public

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Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?
call our team on (07) 578 0059

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