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A classic recipe for franchise success

13 May 2016

Hard working, sound business knowledge and ambitious – does this sound like you?

If so, New Zealand’s fastest growing dining experience has the perfect franchise opportunity.

That’s according to Mariposa Restaurant Holdings general manager Nathan Bonney, who, along with Mexicali Fresh operations manager Tyler Kerlin, will share their experiences at the next meeting of the Franchise Association of New Zealand.

Founded in 2005 by Tyler, his brother Conor and their parents, Mexicali Fresh’s fast casual dining experience is taking the nation by storm. The brand (owned by Mariposa Restaurant Holdings) is a well-resourced and successful business model, which began franchising in 2013. It now boasts 16 stores nationwide.

In 2015, Mariposa Restaurant Holdings also acquired the popular Burger Wisconsin brand with a view of refreshing and expanding it also.

The meeting, on May 19, is organised by Harris Tate Lawyers, Bay of Plenty’s franchise lawyers in association with Westpac.

Prospective franchisors and franchisees will be able to hear from the hospitality duo why the restaurant chain is a sound franchise prospect.

The Franchise Association’s regional coordinator, franchise law expert David Foster, will lead the meeting, designed to assist those looking at entering the world of franchising.

“Both Nathan and Tyler have great franchise heritages and boast the knowledge required to coach and assist new franchisees in managing store operations,” says David.

“Mexicali Fresh is a great case study of how you can reap the rewards of owning a franchise with an established, and successful business model.”

- David Foster
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