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As part of our service at Harris Tate, we produce a range of legal articles that are published in various media, designed to alert our clients to legal developments that may affect them.

Our legal articles are written by lawyers and legal executives and discuss legal aspects relating to industries, businesses and individuals as well as focusing on everyday legal topics of interest.  These articles provide information to help educate our clients on different topics and current events in the law.  They may raise additional questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or to discuss your individual situation in more detail.

Estate planning for property investors

1 December 2017

Legal, accounting and tax issues

Estate planning involves arranging you affairs to ensure the orderly transfer of your assets and wealth in such a way that your intended beneficiaries receive the maximum benefit and enjoyment. Importantly, it should also provide for your desired lifestyle whilst you are still alive.

By Grant Harris, Director

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