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Avoid the Christmas party legal hangover

1 November 2015

Booze-fuelled romantic advances on colleagues, workers swearing at their boss and inappropriate posts to social media. Welcome to the silly season that is Christmas work parties.

Regrettably, each year we have numerous enquiries and referrals come to us for legal assistance as the consequence of social interaction, and usually a few too many drinks. This is often expensive and embarrassing for all involved.

So while gearing up to celebrate the end of the working year, we stress that employers and employees consider reining in any behavior that can leave a legal hangover lasting long after the holiday season.

We have seen indiscretions that can include sexual harassment, alcohol-fuelled brawls and sending inappropriate text messages. All of which can ruin your career very rapidly.

Needless to say, it pays not to head into summer jobless, or with a legal issue, because you were left red-faced in front of your colleagues or employees.

Social media is also an ever-increasing arena requiring caution, as videos and photos can all be instantly uploaded online (forever), often capturing that moment of inappropriate infamy. Think before you post, or better yet leave any social media posting until you are sober.

Avoid behaviour that you would normally consider completely inappropriate, and if you are the employer consider staying sober, so you can manage such behaviour.

Bottom line, manage your alcohol intake otherwise you may wake up with a headache and a legal hangover.

- Oliver Moorcroft   
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