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Back to school before business migration

30 March 2016

Uplifting roots and making a fresh business start in a new country can be a daunting task.

To reduce this stress, it pays to do some homework to get a real idea of what to expect, meaning fewer surprises and increasing the likelihood of a successful transition into the Bay of Plenty economy.

Latest Statistics New Zealand figures show the Bay has an overseas-born population of 17 per cent (51,000), a figure that is expected to rise with net migration by 16,400 between now and 2031, and a further 35,600 expected through natural increases.

For immigrating business owners, due diligence is vital in ensuring you have the ability to successfully transplant your business from one nation to another. Many assume what works in one country will work in another, which is often not the case.

Integrating into a new business culture can be a challenge. There are various factors to consider, such as language barriers, work and social environments, and economic situation.

It is always advisable to do market research so you have sound knowledge of the intended industry, as well as both the immigration criteria and any restrictions or specific requirements that may apply.

Another smart move is to visit New Zealand on a temporary visa to check out the business landscape, speak to business brokers, bankers, financial advisors and other advisors ahead of the big move. Business visitors can come to New Zealand for three months to discuss or negotiate business arrangements.

New Zealand immigration laws are exceedingly complex and extensive. If you need help with New Zealand immigration law and policy, or help with visa applications to migrate to New Zealand it is prudent to talk to an immigration lawyer.

- Michelle Carabine  
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